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Electric Maze - Action Learning We offer the only certification program available for Action Learning Systems. An Action Learning purchase, whether it be the Electric Maze or The Sentinel, represents a major investment in your organization's future.
Action Learning can produce significant changes in individuals and organizations. Our Certificaiton Program helps you maximize your effectiveness. It takes time to become fluent with the products, and we can shorten the learning curve for you. Every group in your organization having positive experiences will become advocates for more widespread use.

Skill in session design and facilitation comes with lots of practice -- and there's no substitute for that. But getting the most out of your investment from the very beginning usually requires coaching and assistance.

Following are comments we hear from purchasers of The Electric Maze and Sentinel as they begin to get familiar with their Action Learning System:

  • It's not as easy as it looked in the beginning.
  • The participants are having fun, but I'm not sure I'm helping get the relevant lessons home.
  • I'm not sure how to handle participant comments and questions at the beginning of the session.
  • The way I'm answering the participants seems to make the rules and guidelines unclear.
  • I'm accidentally giving away things they should be learning on their own.
  • I'm missing opportunities to coach as they present.
  • I'm too focussed on the hardware and I'm not able to pay attention to the participants.
  • I'm not sure how to pick patterns based on participant needs and skill levels.
  • My debriefing technique seems shallow and there are dead spots in the dialogue.
  • I'm confusing the participants instead of coaching them.
  • I need to take the same group of people deeper, but I seem to be repeating the only things I know how to do.
  • I'm not sure how to link Electric Maze (...or Sentinel) activities to Organizational Learning (...or to Systems Thinking, Leadership Development, Team Building).
  • I'm not sure how to design sessions to meet special group needs.
  • I want senior people to take this seriously, but doing this in front of them makes me nervous.
These are normal things to say at the begining of the learning curve. And as you're well aware, with some people (organizations) we unfortunately don't get many second chances to make a good first impression.

Quite often the purchaser has promised significant return on investment, and is under considerable pressure to prove that the purchase was a good decision.

With our Certification Program available to you, there is no need to put yourself under that kind of pressure. Instead, focus your energy on fulfilling the needs of your organizaiton. Let us help you make good first impressions. Let our experience as a leading supplier of Action Learning Systems and LearnWareTM go to work for you.

This one-and-a-half day workshop is carefully designed to help clients maximize the benefits afforded by The Electric Maze and The Sentinel. The physical set-up and handling of the products is covered in detail. We first allow you to experience a few facilitated scenarios to get the feel as a participant. Next we coach you as you facilitate some basic scenarios. We then guide you in the design of scenarios that incorporate your specific organizational development needs tailored to your culture and issues. You will receive some of the latest simulation and debriefing scenarios designed to keep participants challenged.

Workshop Details

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