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Electric Maze - Action Learning Dynamic Electric Maze workshops are ready to be delivered on-site for your team -- suitable for all levels in all types of organizations.
Our Action Learning Workshops provide a full day of learning and application for group sizes up to 40. These workshops are used effectively at all organizational levels -- including executive teams. We combine experiential activities with work-related conversations for maximum effect. As a result, people begin to work more cohesively with greater respect for one another. Decision-making and communication improves.

Some proven workshops to chose from
(others available, plus tailored designs):
  • Crash Survival
    Self-Directed work-team decision making. Includes life-like simulation of hire/fire choices as decision-making challenges increase and resources become depleted.

  • Balanced Wisdom
    Everyones' contribution is needed for performance and adaptability. Demonstrates advantages of dynamically balanced individuals and teams. Teaches how to recognize imbalances while providing opportunity to practice new techniques.

  • X-Ray Vision
    See the invisible forces that propel (and hinder) partnership. Takes the mystery out of day-to-day communicaitons. Eliminates superstitious learning.

  • Breaking The Performance Barrier
    Team Learning for higher performance. Learn how to aggressively expand your team's performance envelope without unintended consequences.

  • Hall of Mirrors
    See your own Leaderhip potential reflected back. Eliminate the distorted images team members have of group interactions and performance. Put in place high-quality methods to accurately observe and improve performance.

Participants will have opportunity to learn from one another, to reflect on their performance, and to contribute to improvements in team processes. Workshops engage participants as active partners in the learning and change process. Accelerated learning occurs as participants practice new skills in real-work contexts.

Arranging A Workshop For Your Team

  • Call for the cost of bringing a workshop into your organization.
  • One facilitator can handle up to 24 participants. Two facilitators required for larger workshop sizes.
  • (Ask about our non-profit rates.)
  • A very full day of accelerated learning.
  • Call 800-773-8017 or 330-725-2728 to schedule.

Certification / Licensing

  • Let us know if you'd like to be certified to teach one or more of these workshops in your organization.

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