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Action Learning puts the solutions to todays' complex problems in the hands of the people involved -- helping them meet challenges in timely, effective and creative ways.

Action Learning develops the critical Leadership, Teamwork and Systems Thinking skills needed in today's flexible, responsive organizations. It provides an accelerated learning environment and a means for viewing individual, group and organizational behaviors. Action Learning faithfully recreates the full range of group dynamics from simple to complex.

Action Learning allows participants to “learn with their bodies as well as with their heads.” Often referred to as ”Experimental” or ”Experiential” Learning, Action Learning provides a safe practice field for applying new skills and for action-based assessment of participant styles and capabilities. Communication improves and trust increases as people work through change.

Action Learning is effective in all organizations. It improves conditions in schools and family systems. It enhances the performance of local governments and law enforcement agencies. In today's fiercely competitive business environment it allows organizations to respond more rapidly to market changes, new technology and customer service requirements.

Action Learning Systems begin with these two proven products -- The Electric Maze® and The SentinelTM. Add LearnWareTM and Certification to tailor your Action Learning System to your special needs.

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