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Certification Program

Workshop Details

Included in the Certification Workshop:
  • Handling of the Maze and/or Sentinel.
  • Preparing the room and Learning Environment.
  • Selecting patterns that simulate specific organizational issues/concerns.
  • Designing the instructions and facilitation boundaries to provide realism.
  • Predicting the ways in which the simulation might both succeed and fail.
  • Generating the debriefing questions that provide context and linkage to real work issues and concerns.
  • Tying Maze / Sentinel sessions to Leadership, Systems Thinking, Organizational Learning, Team Building and other related concepts.
  • How to make the participants the focus of attention while letting the Maze / Sentinel and the facilitators become transparent.
  • How to engage the participants in Generative Dialogue such that they become the seekers and designers of solutions.
  • How to use each Maze / Sentinel session to generate new designs and applications.
  • Videotaping for on-the-spot mirroring and post-workshop referral.

Arranging This Workshop For Your Organization

  • Cost of the ”Certification Program” is $3000 (plus expenses).
    (Ask about our non-profit rates.)
  • One facilitator provided.
  • Up to 25 participants can be accommodated.
  • One-and-a-half full days packed with up-to-date information and lessons-learned.
  • Call 800-773-8017 or 330-725-2728 to schedule.

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