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Program Details

We assist you in convening an Open Space session for your organization. The focus is chosen and invitations are issued. A one-day Open Space Event is usually chosen -- although a two-day, or a two and one-half day event is sometimes called for. This depends upon the overall focus and intent.

Subsequent to the Open Space process, we facilitate a two-day follow-on session that:

1) Teaches the structure of Open Space as it applies to:
  • Open Space planning and logistics.
  • Organizational Learning.
  • Dialogue.
  • Risk, safety, discovery.
  • Leadership.
  • Teamwork and partnership.
  • Systems Thinking.
  • Making use of the results.
  • The concept of "Opening and Holding Space."
2) Processes the results of the Open Space event:
  • Recording the Shared Vision that surfaced in the Open Space process.
  • Overlaying symptoms into a congruent set.
  • Determining most probable Root Causes from symptom set.
  • Determining possible actions through application of Systems Thinking.
This two-day session for 20-30 people will be attended by a cross section of the organization. It usually contains managers, OS session conveners, interested change-agents, and people wanting to learn how to facilitate OS.

Two-Phase Approach

We favor this two-phase approach for a number of sound reasons.
  • It combines experience with theory for a balanced approach to learning.
  • The experience and theory are whole-being -- mind/body/spirit.
  • The Organizational Learning disciplines come to life, are internalized, remembered, re-taught, and applied.
  • Clients become self-sufficient in applying Open Space and it's organizational leadership metaphors in their own organization.
The alignment (coordinated action-at-a-distance) is phenomenal.

Getting Started

If you would like to learn how to conduct Open Space and make forward profress with some tough problems at the same time, then give us a call at 800-773-8017 or 330-725-2728.

Or send us an Email at and we'll give you a call and get started.

Costs will vary according to specific needs. A typical package will include:
  • Pre-planning session.
  • One-day Open Space Technology event for up to 220 people using the Laptop information collection option.
  • Two-day post-OS integration session with 20-25 people.
  • Two facilitators provided.

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