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Open Space Picture 1 Our comprehensive training program for Open Space Technology not only prepares you to conduct effective sessions, but provides you with a sound understanding of how and why the process works as well.


Open Space Training enables you to:

  • Conduct Open Space events in your own organization.
  • Incorporate Open Space as an ongoing, self-starting process.
  • Apply the underlying principles of Open Space to organizational structure, partnership, and leadership.
You are probably faced with one or more of the following challenges right now -- challenges that are keeping you from moving forward as quickly as you'd like:
  • The solution to a sticky problem requires whole system representation.
  • You don't know enough about the current state of affairs and wish you could conduct some sort of organization-wide assessment.
  • You can't get off the symptomatic treadmill and on to fundamental understanding.
  • Your action plans appear to be impractical.
  • There seems to be no shared vision or alignment.
  • You need to take some immediate action but are not sure how to do so on an organization-wide basis.
  • You're stuck on complex issues that constantly remain in flux.
  • There is a growing trend of fragmentation just when partnership is being called for.
  • Cynicism, and even hostility, is growing.
Our Training Process can help on all accounts. You will learn how to conduct Open Space, how to get moving on tough issues, and how to instill new teamwork and leadership practices.

Our Training Process is conducted in your own organization, focussed on real issues. We have found this method to be superior to abstract Open Space training sessions where attendees are not interested in each other's issues nor are real issues addressed.

Return on client investment is high because our Training Process:
  • Trains multiple individuals from the same organization in the Open Space Technology process.
  • Skillfully demonstrates the power of the process to senior leadership.
  • Engages your entire system supply chain -- including outside vendors and customers.
  • Makes progress on tough high-priority issues.
  • Eliminates travel expenses for multiple attendees.
  • Teaches the underlying concepts and how to apply them to you own organizational growth issues.

Program Details

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