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Beer Game Workshop: Organizational Learning and Growth
The Tea GameTM
Experiential Workshop
(Systems Thinking)

Workshop Description

”The Tea GameTM” makes systems understanding accessible to everyone. It taps into the accumulated knowledge and wisdom individuals already possess through their own life experiences. Complex concepts are taught in an inclusive manner without buzzwords or requiring an extensive knowledge of systems terminology.

”The Tea GameTM” simulates actual conditions found in organizations amid global competition. The rules and guidelines are very similar to the ones employees work with every day. By the conclusion of the simulation, participants understand how the very same rules that were designed to give them a competitive edge are the ones that can also cause them to fail. They further understand that the unintended consequences can be traced to the existing system structure. This starts them down the path of systemic change.

Learning Organization Quote”Played in teams of four, ”The Tea GameTM” competes each team against the others. It provides hands-on experience with a non-linear system designed to produce fixed, chaotic results regardless how hard teams try to effect a different outcome. Players come to realize that they can only effect small changes in the outcome, and if they desire fundamental change, the structure of the system must be redesigned. In addition, they understand that their values and beliefs comprise a significant portion of the system structure. This leads them to new choices in the ”re-design” of their own thinking as well.

The Tea GameTM” graphically demonstrates how certain restructuring and reengineering efforts have hindered organizations rather than helped them. Process myths are dispelled, being replaced with an intuitive working knowledge of process behavior and system dynamics. Participants learn how to tune and redesign dynamic organizational structures. The lessons are vital to any company in the global market, since so many decisions are being made that seem right, but often have serious negative consequences for the long term health and competitiveness of that organization.

If you're even thinking about making changes to existing organizational system structure, experience this dynamic simulation first. Avoid wasted time and re-work. Be able to balance and tune your organization while it is in motion. (Much like the advantage of spin-balancing an automobile tire.) Decisions that once seemed arbitrary will have clear distictions and well-undedstood consequences. Changes that once seemed counter-intuitive will be certain and clear. A common language and understanding will make collective decision making more concise and aligned.

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