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Custom Consulting Services

In addition to the other services shown on this website, we offer the following:
  • Personal Leadership Coaching.
  • Executive Team Coaching.
  • Phone Consultation and Support.
  • Team Mentoring.
We have the experience and knowledge to meet your special needs. These specialized services are designed to enable you to:
  • Thoroughly understand the human/business system you comprise.
  • Skillfully determine root causes to perplexing issues.
  • Associate cause and effect for true learning.
  • Design and implement effective and sustainable processes.
  • Dynamically balance your organization for peak performance.
  • Create learning climates that unlock partnership, collaboration and creativity.
  • Implement new leadership practices serving the ecology of your organization.
  • Share and create knowledge through generative dialogue.
  • Create preferred future scenarios that pull your organization forward.

Public Speaking

We are pleased to provide speakers capable of covering the broad range of organizational learning and growth. Our experience and depth of understanding will challenge and entertain your audiences, yet will meet them in their language and at their level of needs. Our preference is to engage a group in dialogue, yet we are effective when larger groups are called for.

Call us with your challenges and desires. We will work with you to design the speaking engagement that will be effective and remembered for its positive impact.

Innovative Company Picnic

If you're experiencing a lack of enthusiam for your annual company picnic, we recommend a change for this year's event.

Schedule an Open Space Technology Event and watch the enthusiam return. Call us for more details.

Memorable Awards Ceremony

Many awards ceremonies miss the mark in a number of ways:
  • They seem anticlamactic.
  • They miss many contributions that often go unseen.
  • They gloss over lessons-learned and paint a rosy picture.
  • Many important stories are never heard.
Our unique process builds a common vision and community through sharing of stories. Call us to plan an awards ceremony that will be remembered for its sincerity and inspiration.

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