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We're Not Broken

How often have you been part of a workshop or team session that began with the premise that someone or something ( organization) is ”broken?”

And how often have you correspondingly felt your defenses go up causing an impossible situation from the outset?

”Nothing Is Wrong” is a concept that does not attempt to deny that things need changing, but instead approaches the situation from the posture of an explorer. Rather than trying to fix the problem and assign blame, people look for possibilities and creative solutions -- equally assuming a shared responsiblity for the future.

A learning atmosphere is created where people are willing to examine their beliefs and behaviors -- an atmosphere where people are more prone to make choices that will change and improve both the organization and themselves. Communication improves. Decision-making is more inclusive and systemic. Trust grows rather than diminishes.

The ”Nothing Is Wrong” approach helps people observe, practice and understand how their behavior is strongly influenced by the human / business system they live and work in. It further helps them become designers of a different system -- by choice -- that brings about the attitudes, behaviors and results that are in their best interests over the long-term.

It is easy to get caught up in starting over -- throwing away everything you have achieved. Most of what you have accomplished is of value and deserves to be part of your future. Many times an organization needs a tune-up rather than a major overhaul. Rather than fighting ”the way things are” from a defensive and reactive stance, we must shift to a reflective and creative posture, working together to tune all elements of the organization to achieve our goals.

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